How to have more energy

I listened to a video today, on how to have more energy in your day to day activities. I found it very useful especially the part of “fixing the leaks”.

A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”

William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

They only serve CABBAGE in heaven?

Liberty calls you

I happen to like cabbage but I also like to eat other stuff.

Imagine the year is 2084 and there is one company named CABBAGE that provides services for the most of the globe. This company controls and/or tailors your:
– email
– your personal calendar
– documents you store online
– your web search results and news you get daily
– the software that runs your phone
– the market that lists other software application for your phone
– the videos you like to watch every day
– name servers and website domain names
– translating services
– social media
– maps
– books
– your online contact list
– your online wallet
and for all intents and purposes you have no idea how the company is using and selling all your data.

Well the year is 2016 and the company is named Google.

You wouldn’t keep all your financial investments in the stock of a single company, why are you keeping all your digital experience “stock” with one company? It’s time to diversify people.

Start with these:
Documents: ,

Let’s start a discussion, would love to hear other options and alternatives in the comment section!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone

Just a reminder that it’s a beautiful Sunday.


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FogVault Feature Request

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Owl Carousel fix for Chrome, Owl Slider

Owl Slider is great and it’s one of my go to jQuery plugins when it comes to building slideshows, however Chrome is a cheapskate (for good reasons) when it comes to using the GPU for animations. This can cause CSS transitions to lag, if you are experiencing this the following fix should work for you.
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We all need some Thursday music

We all need some Thursday music, so here you go my friends!

Enjoy the week! its almost over, then we have to start enjoying the weekend. 😀

Local SQL Import failing for large Drupal database in UniServer, change mysql ini

If your local development is failing to import large Drupal databases try setting the my.ini file for your MySQL to the following:

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Android Webview open link in browser

android webview

If you are using an android Webview in your app but would like to open some type of URL’s in your phones default browser like Chrome or Firefox, here is what you need to do.

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